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Wiebke and Knut Harms: A German Couple’s Journey Across America in Their Custom-Built Motorhome

We are Wiebke and Knut Harms, a married cuple from Germany with a passion for exploration and adventure. Wiebke, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Knut, a professional trainer for IT apprentices, have embarked on a unique journey.

After years of voyaging on a Tall Ship, we transitioned to traveling in a motorhome. In 2016, we decided to realize our dream of creating our own motorhome. The transformation began with a former refrigerated truck, which we meticulously converted.

Our labor of love resulted in the „Einraumwohnung,“ which translates to „One-Room Apartment.“ This custom-built motorhome has taken us across numerous European countries, offering a blend of comfort and adventure.

Now, the time has come to extend our travels to the United States with our own motorhome. In May 2024, our vehicle was shipped from Emden to Baltimore and is scheduled to return from Jacksonville, Florida, in January 2025.

During our seven-month journey, we aim to immerse ourselves in the American landscape and culture. We are eager to experience the diverse adventures awaiting us in this land of endless possibilities.

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